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"I love Selvyn! He is just like me. He can do great things and finds ways to get what he wants. I love how he keeps trying, no matter what.

Go Selvyn!"

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Selvyn wants that food in the feeder, but whenever he tries to get to it, he is stopped by a giant bell, which rings loudly, announcing his failure to the world. Tommy Titmouse doesn’t make it any better with his teasing. What is a squirrel to do?


Nancy Nason Guss creates worlds where she wants to live, where all characters are good, find happy solutions to their problems, and live together in harmony. In her world, there is always a happy ending. Selvin Squirrel perseveres, and with the help of his mother and sister, he learns a valuable lesson.


Selvin Rings the Bell is one of the Backyard Tales stories. Backyard Tales is a series of simple, straightforward stories that help grownups and children connect to creation and each other when they read the stories and then venture outside to meet the “characters” for themselves. Spending special times with loved ones becomes a way to create everlasting memories and record them in these little books.

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Lady Lily helps Curt the Crow through a very tough day. Meet two Backyard Tales characters who are so different and find ways to understand each other and get along. They also make the world a better place. Available now in paperback or ebook on

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How do you spell relief?

I received a lot of interesting feedback from my post on inhalers. It seems that many are interested, but they do not have the essential oils or inhalers on hand and do not want to invest in materials needed to create them until they actually try them. That makes sense; they are not cheap.  One friend asked me if I would make them for her to purchase.  They are now on my marketing page for purchase.  Be sure to let me know if you have allergies (especially to citrus) in the comment box, and feel free to share which type of inhaler you want.