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I have taken on teaching beginner chanter lessons, but once someone transitions to the pipes, a more experienced bagpipe expert needs to be on hand. I can help with the basics, but the instrument requires people with advanced knowledge.

As you know, I continue my lessons, and I'm so excited with the progress that I have made, as well as watching others succeed, that I just had to share information about my teacher. With his help, I have grown as a piper, ranked in the top four in the Eastern US Grade 5 pipers (2nd in light music), joined the City of Dunedin G5 Pipe Band (he's in the G1 band and pipe major of the Grade 4 band). and started my own performance business.  

With all that being said, I am so grateful for Josh's expertise and encouragement. Early in my lessons, he said a statement so profound that I had to write a blog about it. It is a testament to Josh's teaching philosophy. I wish that all teachers could embrace the philosophy of encouragement and inclusion to inspire students. If you missed it, here's the blog: Why would you want to be mean to someone who's trying to learn something that you love? It's always special to find a born teacher, one that practices the art as well as sharing the knowledge. 

Note: I became serious about the pipes when I was in my late 50s. I initially picked them up as a teen and put them down for more than 40 years. All ages are welcome. If you can hold  and blow into a chanter, you can learn. 


So, if you're anywhere within an hour of Dunedin and want to learn how to play pipes (or even violin), then contact Josh Blais.

Here's a little bit about him.

  • Grade 1 player 
  • Part of the North American Champion City of Dunedin Grade 1 Pipe Band
  • Pipe Major of the City of Dunedin Grade 4 pipe band
  • 10 Years piping experience
  • Six years of music teaching experience
  • Has played and competed all over the country, as well as  Canada and Scotland 
  • Winner the North American Championship in Grade 4, 2, and 1
  • Community volunteer, including Piper on the Pier, Concerts in the Park, working at Celtic Festivals, Highland games, and other events hosted by the Scottish Arts Foundation, assists with the marching and piping bands at Dunedin Middle and High Schools 

Josh's students have won many awards and succeeded individually and in pipe bands.

In addition to pipes, Josh also plays and teaches violin!

Contact information:



phone number: 727-251-3122

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