Hire a Piper or a Band

Do need a single piper for your event? Contact Piper Guss for availability. If she's not available, she can help find a bandmate who can help.

General Pricing Guidelines:

We know that people need to be able to budget for events, so I will review general guidelines and prices.

Here are the things we consider when setting up our pricing:

  1. Each gig is considered different and is specialized for the needs of those hiring the piper. There is a base fee, and the items below can increase the price. Depending on the time required and amount of tunes played, base costs typically range between $100 and $200.

  2. There is additional pricing for extended travel distance.

  3. There is additional pricing for unusual or specialize tune requests. Please understand that the bagpipes have 9 notes, so some tunes do not necessarily transfer easily to the pipes, not that it can't be done.

  4. There is additional pricing if the piper will be playing for extended times.

  5. There is additional pricing if the piper is needed for a series of events.

  6. When a small band is required, there is increased pricing that depends on number of pipers and drummers required.

  7. Anything other than a base gig will result in additional pricing.

  8. If you want to hire a specific band from the City of Dunedin Pipe Band, you will have to schedule through them, and they have their own pricing system.  Please contact the band through their website: http://www.dunedinpipeband.com or ask Piper Guss for contact information. 

Hire a Piper or for More Information

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