Every morning I wake up in gratitude that I get a new day to live, love, and learn. I am one who enjoys dabbling in many different things, experimenting with new arts, hobbies, and life stuff. Lately, I have enjoyed writing, reading, traveling and playing my bagpipes. Yes, the last one is not exactly something everyone does, but it is a lot of fun learning such a persnickety instrument.


Although I still dabble with my art, piano, traveling, and making natural products, I decided to spend my focused time in three areas:

1. Author Adventures (Writing and Publishing)

2. Bagpipe Beat (performing/competing solo and with the City of Dunedin Pipe Band),

3. Connecting to creation (exploring the world around me)


This site brings all three together. I’ll still include fun things I find, but I am learning so much through my music, writing, and nature time that I must share what’s there.


Who knows? Perhaps someday, you’ll join me on a retreat or decide that you, too, want to play bagpipes. (It is so much fun – and I actually found it easier than golf, but that’s another story…), or maybe you want to write a book. Did you know that you can do all of these and more? How do I know? Because I’m just a regular retired old person, and if I can do this, so can you. I hope you join me on this miraculous journey called life on this magnificent planet we all share.





Yes, I know the correct spelling of the word "gusto." The play on the word using our last name began many years ago when there was a picture  of our little ball player in the paper with the caption "Hitting with Gussto." We loved the play on words and quickly adopted the spelling to include our last name. 


So, from our home to yours, welcome to "Living with Gussto!" ❤️

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