Bagpipe Beat

The Great Highland Bagpipe is a part of a fun and rich culture. As an instrument, it helps develop strong lungs, and  I have had a wonderful experience meeting new pipers, teachers, and musicians.  As I learn and journey into the bagipe world and culture, I will share experiences, inspirations, and revelations. In addition, I will provide links and bits of knowledge you might find interesting.

My first entry comes from the blog I wrote a year ago that was based on a profound statement my bagpipe teacher said in one of his lessons.   Check it out here:  "Why would you want to be mean to someone who is trying to learn something you love?"  ~Josh Blais

And for those wanting to know a little about the background picture on this page, it comes from the book that introduced many of us into the playing of the bagpipes. Here is the blog with a little information on this book. The Highland Bagpipe Tutor