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Short readings for thought, meditation, prayer, and purpose



In these tough times, we are isolated and divided, connected by a craziness of pandemic proportions. This little book provides readings to try to connect people and break the barriers of our deep divisions so that we can work together. It is not an easy task. This little book offers a few first steps we can try together to break through our divisions. Yes, it offers mediation and meditation, reflection and response, prayer and purpose.  

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This photo was taken in front of the cassia bush that is featured in Selvyn Rings the Bell. It blooms in October and November. 

Backyard Tales are stories that happen in backyards everywhere. They're designed to read with the children in your life. Every story has conversation starters in the Connecting to Creation sections and encourages the children to connect the characters in the stories to the same ones they see in their own yards, at parks, or even out the car window as they travel. 

Each backyard tale includes straight-forward sweet stories that include an academic concept, spiritual idea, or life lesson inviting the adults to share their perspectives and journeys with the children. 

Backyard tales help generations grow together in real relationships by connecting to each other through connecting to creation. What a perfect gift of time.

Introducing Selvyn Squirrel

Selvyn is an active, free spirited squirrel who has his eyes on the feast in the backyard feeder. No matter how hard the tries, he can't seem to get past the giant bell that rings with every attempt, announcing another failure. It doesn't help that Tommy Titmouse makes sure everyone knows about it.


What is a squirrel to do?

Meet new delightful backyard friends in this fun little book. After the story, have fun with "Connecting to Creation" and learn more about the trees, animals, and activities designed to connect generations through nature.

Click on the picture to see pictures of the real Selvyn in his backyard and watch the videos of him trying to get to the feeder. Yes, you will hear Selvyn ring that bell!

3-D cover shot selvyn.png

Introducing Lady Lily and Curt the Crow

Curt's feelings are hurt when others who don't know him say unkind things about him. Lady Lily, one of his best friends helps him use his struggles to make a positive difference.

When two different animals playfully frolic in my backyard, I just had to get a picture. This led to the story that can be read on its own or as part of The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales anthology.

book cover_edited.jpg
"The Spirit of the Tree"
"The Window"
"The River Tree's Story"
"The Forgotten Garden"
"Lady Lily and Curt the Crow"
"The Willow Tree's Children"

Coming Soon!

The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales: Connecting to Creation


This anthology includes the first six backyard tales written by Nancy Nason Guss.

Given 4/5 stars by Clarion reviewers, The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales includes straightforward stories with delightful characters that can be found in neighborhoods and parks everywhere. 


Each story includes an academic concept, spiritual truth, and life lesson, along with conversation starters for grown-ups to use with children as they share the stories and lessons from their own lives. 

This book is a great keepsake where children and adults can record their times together and relive those special times for years to come.

There are more Backyard Tales on the horizon. Stay tuned for the release of:

  • What Time Is It?

  • Dubadee

  • A New Friend

  • Historically Home

Also, the short stories in The Spirit of the Tree and Other Backyard Tales will be re-released in their new storybook forms, like Lady Lily and Curt the Crow was. Coming soon are:

  • The Window

  • Weepy Willow's Children

  • The Forgotten Garden

  • The River Tree's Story

  • The Spirit of the Tree



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